Biotechnology Services

Our core business lies in applying the tools of Bioinformatics and Data Management to help drive research and development in Biotechnology companies.

Over the years we have worked with a range of companies with wide variety of research programs. We understand molecular and cell biology and, just as important, we understand the business needs of our clients.

We can work with you to design data management solutions that meet the needs of your staff, not just in the lab but also in business development and your IP group. We combine that understanding with first-class technical excellence in writing software, building databases and delivering effective user interfaces.

The details of our work with Biotech clients are obviously confidential. This makes it difficult to demonstrate the quality of service that we provide. We are happy to connect you with recent clients that can provide references.

We are always interested in talking to new clients so please Contact Us and talk to us about your needs.


Our consulting and contract work falls into two categories:

Bioinformatics Data Analysis

Craic provides bioinformatics consulting services for a variety of applications, including DNA and protein sequence analysis, small RNA and diagnostic DNA primer set design, microarray analysis, and more.

Our work has covered a wide range of technologies:

We work with biotech and pharma companies both large and small. Our clients have included:

Custom Software Development

We develop custom research data management systems and specialized bioinformatics software that can drive your research programs forward.

Our projects have included:


We have leveraged our experience to build packaged solutions for several important applications:

TABS Database of Therapeutic Antibodies

TABS is a unique web-based service for Biotechnology companies working on therapeutic antibodies. It represents the most comprehensive and current resource available in this area and is use by some of the major players in this field.

Biosecurity & DNA Synthesis

Craic Computing's BlackWatch plays an important role in the screening of synthetic DNA orders for Select Agents.

Chemical Inventory Management

Craic Inventory is a web-based chemical inventory management system for biotechnology companies. Please contact us for more information.